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想利用暑假期間增加英文能力,提升單字量,能夠流利自在且自信地跟外國人以英文溝通嗎? 漫長二個月的暑假,不妨選擇參加TAIS南投復臨舉辦的暑期英文夏令營,不必出國遊學就有出國遊學的課程規格強化英文能力。究竟參加南投復臨的暑期英文班課程,四週內英文能力會有甚麼變化呢? 來看看去年參加過的學生們的心聲 

  [ Michael ]

I think I learned many things in this summer school. All of my teacher are awesome. My favourite classes were PE and science. I learned many things in science class. We made an egg protector and a handsome rocket and oobleck. I love this school and I have learned so much that I think my brain is going to break. My friends in this school are very good, so I wish I can study in this school and have fun with my friends.   


   [ Amanda ]

      In this summer school, I learned many new English words, and made manynew friends. In the first class with Mr. B, I didn’t know what he was saying for about one and a half hours. I liked Mrs. Tooley’s class very much because first, I knew what she was saying, second, no homework and third, she can help me when I go to USA or Europe. I liked Miss. Joanne’s class too. Since I have her class, I know how to make a bag and a dress. I think I will come here for next summer school. I think I learned mamy things that I didn’t know before. I am happy here. I’m thnakful for the teacher’s teaching and my father for sending me here and making new friends. 

(在暑期班課程中,我學到很多新的英文單字,並且交了很多朋友。在第一堂Mr. B的課的前一個半小時當中我聽不懂他在說些甚麼。我很喜歡Mrs. Tooley的課因為第一,我知道他在說甚麼,第二,沒有功課,第三他可以協助我去美國或歐洲的話。我也喜歡Miss Joanne的課,自從上過他的課,我學會怎麼做袋子和洋裝。我想我明年夏天會再回來參加。我想我學到了很多以前沒學過的東西。我很感謝老師們的教導和我爸爸願意送我來這裡並且交到新朋友。

2017-07-05 03.18.26 2  

[ Magan ]

I am really happy that I came to TAIS summer school because I learned many new things and made new friends. My favorite class here is art class. In art class, we made hats, wigs and drew pictures. It was so much fun. I also like PE. In PE class, I played basketball with new friends and swan with them. I also enjoyed football. It feels great when you get a goal in the game. For English classes, I like Listening and speaking the best because I like to talk about different things and I don’t need to write all the time. I enjoyed summer school here, maybe I can come again next year.


 [ Rucy ]

I have enjoyed summer school this year. I can learn new things, review, play games and etc with my classmates. It was very fun to do the team building activity because I had never climbed it before. In Art class, I made a lot of things such as cup covers, designed clothes and made hats. In science class, we did interesting experiments about oobleck. The food in the cafeteria was better then before. I also made new friends in the summer school. I learned how to work in a team in these activities. I can learn different things besides school so I enjoyed coming to summer school this year.



2017-07-14 08.34.25 1

[ Austin ]

I think the worst experience in TAIS Summer School was living in the dorm. My classmates are great and kind. The food is not really good here. All the teachers are nice and kind. Everyday we have a lot of time for exercising. I think having the same class every day is boring. I think my best experience here was learning English. It’s really fun and freat and all the teachers are kind. I made many friends here Everyday we have PE class and one hour of gym time which is great because it makes us healthier. Living in the dorm helped me to learn more things and my roommates are great. They are all kind and cool. I really like TAIS summer school.


 2017-07-11 08.08.24 2  

[ Crystal ]

My summer school lasted for a month. In these days, I had a lot of fun.I liked the PE class because we usually could play basketball. I enjoyed practicing my shooting. Ther hardest class was reading and vocabulary. We had a quiz everyday.Even though it was hard, I knew it was relly useful to improve my English. I liked rock climbing. I felt excited to walk on a rope or piece of wood ten meters above the ground. I enjoyed my summer school in TAIS. 




[ Shana ]

I am very happy to join the TAIS Summer School. I learned some English and made a lot of new friends. My favourite subject is grammar because we play fun games everyday. My second favourite subject is art because every lesson was very interseting. I think the most interesting lesson was the clothes design. At the last lesson of art, we had a wonderful party! I hope I can join the TAIS Summer School next year. 



[ Kevin Lin ]

This is the first time I came to TAIS summer school, and I had some fun. First is the activity. After 3pm, we finished out classes; the school gave us some activities to do which was fun and meaningful. The second is the field trip. Out of the two field trips, I liked the first more because we went to an art museum and I felt it was meaningful and had a lot of things to look at that kept me interested.  If there is a summer school next year, I might want to come because I can learn something here. 


 2017-07-12 08.31.51 2  

[ Sky ]

I came here on July 13th. At the beginning, I was very shy and quiet. I liked to stayed in the dorm and do nothing until more students knew my name. They called me “brother sky”. I felt they were friendly and funny. Day by day I became happier and have more confidence. Dodge ball isn’t my favorite sport, but I played with James, Ivan and William. It was fun and exciting. On July 18th we went on a field trip. Mark, James, and I rode the rollercoaster and UFO drop. I was very exciting. Studying in TAIS was enjoyable and I learn a lot. Now I am not afraid of speaking English. 

(我7/13才來的,開始的時候,我非常害羞又安靜,我喜歡留在宿舍甚麼都不做,直到更多同學認識我。他們叫我”Brother Sky”。我覺得他們很友善很好笑。一天天之後我越來越開心並且越來越有信心。躲避球不是我最愛的運動,但是我和James, Ivan, William一起玩,很好玩有刺激。7/18的時候我們去了戶外教學,Mark, James和我搭了雲霄飛車換幽浮自由落體,我超興奮的。在TAIS學習是很有樂趣的而我學到很多。現在我不再害怕開口說英文了)

[ Jack ]  

During the first few days, I thought TAIS was boring and terrible, and the cafeteria didn’t have any meat, and I thought the English lever for me – HSP3 – was too hard. But after the first week, I found some good points here. The good points were that life here had a schedule, so I could plan according to the schedule to do something. PE was good for my body like running. The second good point was the I would learn a lot of English, and I feel that my English is improving. I have made some friends that make me happy. Although there are some negative points about TAIS, there are more positive points to me. I think it is a good experience in TAIS although I may not come here again. I will miss life in TAIS.


 2017-07-12 08.31.42 2  

  [ Chris Hsieh ]

In TAIS my teachers and classmates were great. I want to go to TAIS again because I was happy everyday, and the gym is great. The basketball team in TAIS plays very well. I want to join the basketball team.


 2017-07-20 08.08.37 1  

 [ Lin ]

During the month here are TAIS, I felt it was really fun, but sometimes Ihave to read the Bible. I don’t like it here because I can’t go outside the campus that often. So I don’t like it here that much, but I like to study here because it is very fun and cool. I like it here, and English is not that difficult, just sometimes I want to speak Chinese. 



 [ Derek ]

TAIS is a good school. In TAIS, I was very happy. I learned a lot of English and made many friends. My best friend is Mark. 


IMG_2230 (1)  


 [ Leo Chen ]

At the first week, I thought that TAIS was silly and the restaurant doesn’t have any meat. But at the second and third week, I thought the environment in TAIS was great. The schedule helped me to plan my time, and then I could plan according to it. TAIS is just like a big forest. It has clear air and a lot of spaces where we can do a lot of activities. Also, I learned a lot of English and team building skills here at TAIS. I think TAIS is a good school; it can help you to concentrate on your homework, then you can improve a lot.


 [ Sharon ]

This summer I came to TAIS for summer school. At first, I was mad at my father because I thought I was going to lose my summer vacation, but after a few days I realised it wasn’t as terrible as I thought. My roommates were Vicky, Molly and Savanna. They were very kind to me. We chatted together at night sometimes and that was really fun. I also made many other friends here like Shana, Zoe, and Naomi. My favourite class here was art class. The teacher prepated many different lessons for us in the four weeks and I really learned many new things from her. I hope my English has improved after this summer. These friends made me not lonely and we made good memories together. I hope we can be friends foever and keep in touch.

(這個夏天我參加了TAIS暑期課程,一開始我很氣我爸爸因為我覺得我會沒有暑假,但是幾天之後我理解到一切並非像我想的那麼糟。我的室友是Vicky, Molly 和Savanna, 他們都對我很好。我們有時候在晚上聊天,這很有趣。我也認識了其他朋友,例如Shana, Zoe, Naomi。我最喜歡的課是藝術課,老師為這四週的每一堂課準備了不同的內容,我從他身上學到很多新東西。我希望我的英文在這個暑假後可以進步。這些朋友讓我不孤單而且我們有了美好的共同回憶,希望我們可以一直是朋友並保持聯絡。


[ Molly ]

My favourite class was Mrs. Tooley’s class because she gave no homework and she was very nice. When I was in the dorm I would play with Judy. She is a very nice girl and when she was running her action was very funny. But there is one class I hated the most: PE. I hate PE because it is very tiring and hot and has lots of bugs too! But I think this school will help my English improve a lot.

(我最喜歡的課是Mrs. Tooley的課因為他沒有給功課,而且他人非常好。當我在宿舍的時候我會和Judy玩,她是一個很棒的女孩,而當她在跑步的時候動作分常有趣。但是有一門課我最不喜歡:體育課。我討厭體育課是因為很累又熱而且有小蟲子!但我想這個學校會幫助我大大提升英文程度

[ Naomi ]

This summer, I came to TAIS summer school. I was very happy because I made some friends here. We can talk to each other and play with each other. Even though Mr. B’s class had a test every day, I think it’s good for us to know more. Mrs. Tooley’s class was funny. We did a lot of things in the class. Ms. Vivienne’s class was also funny. We played many games, and watched many videos. Sometimes Mrs. Tooley would show funny videos to us. I love PE and art. Everything was fun to me, and I love here. I hope my English can be very good and every day is happy.

(這個暑假我參加了TAIS暑期課程,我很開心因為認識了新朋友。我們可以一起玩,一起聊天。雖然Mr. B老師的課每天都有小考,我想這是對我們好可以學更多。Mrs. Tooley的課很有趣,我們做了很多事情。Ms. Vivienne的課也很好玩,我們玩了多遊戲,看了很多影片。有時候Mrs. Tooley會放好笑的影片給我們看。我愛體育課和藝術課。每件事對我都很好玩,我喜愛這裡。我希望我的英文變得很棒,每天可以很開心。



[ Vicky]

The first day I came to TAIS I was very excited because I could make new friends here. My first friend was Molly. She is very tall and thin. When I first saw her in the dorm room, I was very scared of her because she is 176 cm. The second friend I met was Sharon. She is pretty. The next day we went to the IEC to learn English. When I was in Ms. Viviennes class I was very excited, but the teacher who was in class was not Ms. Vivienne. Two days later , I saw Ms. Vivienne was in class. I didnt know her much, but I knew one thing: I liked her hair. Its very pretty, and after her class I knew a lot about her. I really like her.

(第一天來TAIS的時候我非常性份因為我可以在這裡認識新朋友。我第一個朋友是Molly,她又瘦又高。第一次看到她是在宿舍房間,我有點怕她因為她有176公分。第二個朋友是Sharon,她很漂亮,隔天我們一起去IEC上英文課。當我在Ms. Vivienne的課的時候,我很興奮,但在教室裡面的並不是Ms. Vivienne,二天之後,我看到Ms. Vivienne在教室了,我不是很認識她,但我知道一件事:我喜歡她的頭髮,非常漂亮,上過她的課之後我更了解她了,我真的很喜歡她)


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